2400 Bio-Replenishment for Bone Health by Dr. A. S. Naidu

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BIO-REPLENISHMENT FOR BONE HEALTH, written by leading researcher Dr. AS Naidu, is a preamble to the Bio-Replenishment Theory and a comprehensive view of the most happening system in the human body- the skeleton.

This “science simplified” reference volume takes you on a colorful and illustrated journey through seven chapters that elucidate the key functions, metabolic demands, and dysfunctional states involving the bone. It also highlights established and emerging research, as well as the cumulative effects of genetics, chemistry, and lifestyle on the skeletal system.

Complete with 247 pages of authoritative text, illustrations, charts and tables, BIO-REPLENISHMENT FOR BONE HEALTH is a must read for individuals who are interested in learning and understanding the functions of the bone, as well as the multitude of factors and interventions that play a role in bone health.

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