1184 - Understanding the Stress Mess by Roger Drummer NEW!

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1184 - Understanding the Stress Mess by Roger Drummer  

As a nutritionist-herbalist of over 30 years, Roger Drummer is a NCCAOM Diplomate of Chinese Herbology and a US Patent holder.  Utilizing the energetic principles of herbs and nutrition, Roger helps people learn how to bring their bodies back in balance order to lower stress and build "Life Force".

As a product formulator, Roger's primary focus is on humanity's health of Mind, Body and Spirit.  He currently formulates products for several companies, including HerbWorks, as well as for scientific trials studying the effects of herbs.  He is a world-renowned educator who lectures extensively on the healing quality of herbs and nutrition.  He is highly respected for his ability to impart his wisdom and knowledge into a format that everyone can understand


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